Snowmageddon= Water, Lots of Water


Tahoe and the West Cost got hit hard for the 2016/2017-snow season. This was the wettest winter in recorded history, dating back to 1900.  From epic powder days to clear blue bird days the Sierra Nevada mountains got plenty of days in on the slopes, and still are getting turns.

The reality of the amount of snowfall is hitting people now that it is nice out and they want to sit out at the beaches of Tahoe. Lake Tahoe has over 60 rivers and streams that empty out into the lake. The downfall to the amount of water the lake receives is that there is only one exit point for the lake, the Truckee River.

The Truckee River is dammed and has releases. This year the people responsible for the dam are getting put to the test. They have to figure out how much water to release, they can’t release too much the lake level will lower too drastically and if they don’t release enough they risk flooding the area more than it already has.

truckee river

The Truckee River is unable to float because the river is too high and a raft will not fit under the bridges. The river in some places look more like a lake than a river, something the people of Truckee haven’t seen before.

Back to Lake Tahoe, this year even locals will have to re learn the shorelines. Their favorite beaches and hidden beaches are smaller, in some cases are now under water. The water will be colder from constant snowmelt entering the lake all summer long.

Take a tour of the lake on a boat or paddle board, its not the same lake you have been to. Rocks are that once were exposed are now fully underwater. Traveling from one beach to the next you might just get lost because the beach you are looking for is now underwater.

These photos and audio clips show you and give you explanation of the beaches near Incline Village, Nevada and what the snowmelt has done to them.

Hidden Beach

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Incline/ Ski Beach


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Burnt Ceder Beach

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Photo of the year

Photo of the year

I gravitated to this photo because it captures a lot of emotion and feelings. When I look at this photo I feel cold, sore, and tired. The action of the subjects in the photo create feelings. Visually the horizon line of the image is pleasing to the eye with the smoke stacks and the smoke. the symmetrical pillars create lines in the sky.  The capture of the smoke/ breath of the man in front helps put feelings into the image. The colors in the image also help create the feelings of the image. If there was a bright color, I would assume the feeling of the image would bring hope, but without any bright colors the image is on the depressing side.  The textures in the image different throughout the image. The foreground of the man and the fur on the cart are wrinkled and stiff. As the eye moves through the image things get softer where hard work takes place, in the factory. The soft clouds on top of the hard factory gives irony.

Photo Edit

Hotspring Contrast
Moved up contrast


This was a good original picture but it needed something more. I liked the idea of adding more contrast to the picture. When bringing up contrast, it helped bring out the foreground of the image. The rocks and the people are highlighted more with the top of the image still soft from the clouds. The image takes your eyes in the same patter as the people in it. The last of the sun reflection on the ladies hair is highlighted when bringing up the contrast. It adds light to the image.

Environmental Portrait


This is my friend Taylor teaching me about bikes. This image captures him focused on him and the bike and the background being out of focus. This was shot on a 35mm film camera. He has a deep passion for biking. His passion is contagious, just like his addiction to buying bike parts.


There are a variety of myths and legends of Lake Tahoe. They range from Tahoe Tessie, a large lake monster to mobsters dumping bodies into the lake, being fully preserved in their suits due to the cold temperatures of the lake. Take what you want from them, they at least make interesting stories that can be told while out on a boat or around a fire.

Washoe Natives

When the Native Americans that inhabited the area they had suspicions of odd things happening in the lake. One story was that in Meeks Bay, there was a singing fish.  They also believed that there was a bird that lived at the bottom of the lake and would scoop up tribe members. Natives thought it was taboo to swim in the lake, this kept their children from going in the water and drowning.

Tahoe Tessie


Tahoe Tessie is a prehistoric fish that is said to live at the bottom of the Lake. The legend believes that the fish is to be female, a plesiosaurs, or a prehistoric fish. Tessie originated from the Washoe and Paiute Indian tribes who told white settlers about the monster that lived in the lake. Modern sightings of of Tahoe Tessie have been dated back to early as 1972. Keep an eye out while on the clear water for Tessie.


Millionaire George Whittell was known for being very extravagant person in Tahoe. The loved exotic animals. He had lions, tigers, zebras, an elephant, and many other animals. It has been said that Whittell brought up his elephant, Mingo up to Lake Tahoe. Mingo was not comfortable with the altitude and missing its zebra friend. Whittell hired a seaplane to carry Mingo over the lake. The plane crashed during a test flight. That is why it is believed that Mingo got dumped into the lake because she was such a  large animal and couldn’t do anything else  with it.


The Mob

In the 1920s and 1930s the mob ran the Tahoe area. It is said to believe that mob member would dump bodies into the lake. This is one of the biggest legends of the lake. It is said that the members would fill the dead boies shoes with cement to help sink them to the bottom of the lake. The lake temperatures are very cold, with the cold temperatures it is to believe that the bodies that were dumped into the lake are fully preserved in their suits.

Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau, a famous oceanographer may or may not have found some scary information about the lake in the 1970’s. He is famous for saying “The world isn’t ready for what was down there.” He never has released any photos of what he saw when he did his deep water dive in Lake Tahoe. There are many ideas of what he saw but no one knows what he saw. Could it have been Tahoe Tessie, an elephant, or bodies from the mob?

Haunted Houses

The Tahoe Biltmore is said to have a ghost of a showgirl still haunting the casino after over 50 years of her death.  At the Cal-Neva is said to be taunted by Marilyn Monroe. People say that she will turn the hall lights on and off. Also room 101 on the first floor is always cold, even in the summer months.




Wisconsin Gal whoppin it up in Tahoe