Snowmageddon= Water, Lots of Water


Tahoe and the West Cost got hit hard for the 2016/2017-snow season. This was the wettest winter in recorded history, dating back to 1900.  From epic powder days to clear blue bird days the Sierra Nevada mountains got plenty of days in on the slopes, and still are getting turns.

The reality of the amount of snowfall is hitting people now that it is nice out and they want to sit out at the beaches of Tahoe. Lake Tahoe has over 60 rivers and streams that empty out into the lake. The downfall to the amount of water the lake receives is that there is only one exit point for the lake, the Truckee River.

The Truckee River is dammed and has releases. This year the people responsible for the dam are getting put to the test. They have to figure out how much water to release, they can’t release too much the lake level will lower too drastically and if they don’t release enough they risk flooding the area more than it already has.

truckee river

The Truckee River is unable to float because the river is too high and a raft will not fit under the bridges. The river in some places look more like a lake than a river, something the people of Truckee haven’t seen before.

Back to Lake Tahoe, this year even locals will have to re learn the shorelines. Their favorite beaches and hidden beaches are smaller, in some cases are now under water. The water will be colder from constant snowmelt entering the lake all summer long.

Take a tour of the lake on a boat or paddle board, its not the same lake you have been to. Rocks are that once were exposed are now fully underwater. Traveling from one beach to the next you might just get lost because the beach you are looking for is now underwater.

These photos and audio clips show you and give you explanation of the beaches near Incline Village, Nevada and what the snowmelt has done to them.

Hidden Beach

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Incline/ Ski Beach


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Burnt Ceder Beach

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