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There are a variety of myths and legends of Lake Tahoe. They range from Tahoe Tessie, a large lake monster to mobsters dumping bodies into the lake, being fully preserved in their suits due to the cold temperatures of the lake. Take what you want from them, they at least make interesting stories that can be told while out on a boat or around a fire.

Washoe Natives

When the Native Americans that inhabited the area they had suspicions of odd things happening in the lake. One story was that in Meeks Bay, there was a singing fish.  They also believed that there was a bird that lived at the bottom of the lake and would scoop up tribe members. Natives thought it was taboo to swim in the lake, this kept their children from going in the water and drowning.

Tahoe Tessie


Tahoe Tessie is a prehistoric fish that is said to live at the bottom of the Lake. The legend believes that the fish is to be female, a plesiosaurs, or a prehistoric fish. Tessie originated from the Washoe and Paiute Indian tribes who told white settlers about the monster that lived in the lake. Modern sightings of of Tahoe Tessie have been dated back to early as 1972. Keep an eye out while on the clear water for Tessie.


Millionaire George Whittell was known for being very extravagant person in Tahoe. The loved exotic animals. He had lions, tigers, zebras, an elephant, and many other animals. It has been said that Whittell brought up his elephant, Mingo up to Lake Tahoe. Mingo was not comfortable with the altitude and missing its zebra friend. Whittell hired a seaplane to carry Mingo over the lake. The plane crashed during a test flight. That is why it is believed that Mingo got dumped into the lake because she was such a  large animal and couldn’t do anything else  with it.


The Mob

In the 1920s and 1930s the mob ran the Tahoe area. It is said to believe that mob member would dump bodies into the lake. This is one of the biggest legends of the lake. It is said that the members would fill the dead boies shoes with cement to help sink them to the bottom of the lake. The lake temperatures are very cold, with the cold temperatures it is to believe that the bodies that were dumped into the lake are fully preserved in their suits.

Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau, a famous oceanographer may or may not have found some scary information about the lake in the 1970’s. He is famous for saying “The world isn’t ready for what was down there.” He never has released any photos of what he saw when he did his deep water dive in Lake Tahoe. There are many ideas of what he saw but no one knows what he saw. Could it have been Tahoe Tessie, an elephant, or bodies from the mob?

Haunted Houses

The Tahoe Biltmore is said to have a ghost of a showgirl still haunting the casino after over 50 years of her death.  At the Cal-Neva is said to be taunted by Marilyn Monroe. People say that she will turn the hall lights on and off. Also room 101 on the first floor is always cold, even in the summer months.




The Take Away

Multimedia journalism class has showed me many ways I can use media to inform, engage, and interact with others. I have really enjoyed learning how to use things that I can use online like blogs, Google maps, and Storify. I think I will use those platforms the most after being done with the class.

This semester alone I used Storify for a multimedia assignment for an English class. I had the option to write a three page paper or a multimedia piece on documentary. I was able to pull YouTube clips for example of things done well. I could also use Facebook and Twitter to show what people had said about the documentary.  I did use links from the internet to help give more information on the documentary and information on different organizations that worked with the documentary.

It was really fun keeping up with my Twitter page for the class. I had used my twitter a lot in high school and my early years of college, then just stopped. I was glad to use it more because it forced me to see news. I fallow enough news to help keep me informed on what is going on in the world. This has helped me a lot because I don’t watch TV or read the newspaper on a regular basis like I did when I went to my old university.

I am not sure if it was that I was so busy at the beginning of the semester or what, but I feel like the assignments at the beginning of the semester we overwhelming at times. I had little experience with video and audio editing. It took time and a lot of patience that I didn’t think I had. I wanted to do the assignments because they were cool, but they also were intimidating. I don’t know if the syllabus can be changed at all, but as a person with little technology experience it might help others like me with a slight easy into the projects or flip flop some of them around.

I think one thing to add to the class would be to have or use and Instagram account. After playing around with it for the first time when I moved to Tahoe, it has become something I very much enjoy. There is a lot of uses for it. You are able to promote yourself or something, find new interests, see amazing pictures and videos, and the list only continues. After starting new sports I now fallow professionals and see what they are doing but I am also able to see what armatures are doing as well because I can see pictures of people who like a photo that I liked. Here is My Instagram.

The Intro to Multimedia class at Sierra Nevada College is a class that can help any major become hireable after college because it gives you a scratch at the surface of things you may being doing in a job outside of college. We live in a tech world with people need information in many types of ways, this class will help you find ways to share information with the help of multimedia.

A Semester of Blogging

As a blogger I have never been able to keep up. It is hard keeping a blog. It is very easy to underestimate how much work and time it is to keep up a blog. I have learned many different things that will help with me with my future blogging and my future writing.

My first struggle was setting up my blog. There are many different places you can start your blog. I had never worked with WordPress before, this made it challenging to figure out how it worked. As i played with different styles and themes things got more familiar.

After having the blog distinguished with a theme and  layout, I had to begin the process of actually using the blog and wring .  As I would write a blog post I was not sure how all the functions of a blog really worked. I would forget to tag the post on put it into one or more categories. Once having the post in the category I wasn’t understanding how they were displayed. I had to play with how things appeared and were tagged. It defiantly was a process of understanding with watching tutorial and trail and error to get my blog to look like it does now.

It has been fun exploring the theme of my blog. I as I have written on different topics I have found out many things that I didn’t write about. I would have an idea for one blog post and search it but found a different topic and write on it. I have learned a lot about Lake Tahoe and things to do in the area. I would suggest people to write a blog of a place that they just moved to. Writing the blog forces you to try new things, if not try them research things that you can do in the new place you have moved to.

My multimedia skills have incensed with this blog. I have used Google Maps to make maps with pins and locations, I also used other platforms that have increased the usage of social media to help get my blog out there. There are many different types of media that you can use besides just photos, there is audio and links that can help support your blog post.

My blog on Tahoe has help push my adventurous side. I have made sure I went skiing, it wasn’t hard to do because I wanted to ski, but I wanted to be connected to the things I wrote about in someway. I haven’t been to South Lake for it’s nightlife but i have friends tell me about where they have gone and where to go, that has helped. I so plan to take a trip to South Lake to experience it for myself.

As I continue at Sierra Nevada College, I plan to continue to keep up with my Lake Tahoe blog. How could I not, I go to school where people vacation. My family, friends, and others want and should know what this place has to offer. There are plenty of adventurous things to do here but there are also things that for a person who might not call them the adventurous type would do.

Come to Tahoe. Visit, see, and experience the amazing Tahoe for yourself, it might just chance your life.


Nightlife in South Lake

South lake Tahoe does not tuck away into their beds when the sun goes down. The keep the party going all night long. There are many different places to go in both the city of South lake but also in Stateline.

In Stateline you are able to gamble all night long! There are many casinos to chose from with hotels to stay at MontBleu , Harrah’s and Harveys are all casinos with hotels. After a day on the lake, take a nap and hit the slots at 3 am, no one is stopping you. MontBleu also has a popping nightclub that often brings in high end musical entertainment.

While still in Nevada you can enjoy time out at the Xhale Lounge. Xhale Lounge is a hookah bar, you can go and hang out with a group of people and smoke the hookah and enjoy an alcoholic beverage. They have many flavors and and plenty of room with little to no lines waiting for a table or fresh drink. If you dont want to smoke hookah you can check out their nightclub. They have a live DJ and huge dance floor. Get out and bust a move.

The Hard Rock Cafe is a great place to start the night. They have many different drink and food specials that will start a night out on the right note…. no pun intended. The walls are filled with great music history to keep the eyes and conversation busy.



If your looking for a boys night out there are a few options in both Stateline and South Lake to hit up the adult entertainment. There about 5 different places to check out.

When you jump across the Nevada California state line the party doesn’t stop. There are plenty of bars and pubs you can hop to but these will all close down at 2 am.  They might not be all close like they are in Stateline but if you have a driver or a cab try out the different types and themed bars South Lake has to offer.