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Nightlife in South Lake

South lake Tahoe does not tuck away into their beds when the sun goes down. The keep the party going all night long. There are many different places to go in both the city of South lake but also in Stateline.

In Stateline you are able to gamble all night long! There are many casinos to chose from with hotels to stay at MontBleu , Harrah’s and Harveys are all casinos with hotels. After a day on the lake, take a nap and hit the slots at 3 am, no one is stopping you. MontBleu also has a popping nightclub that often brings in high end musical entertainment.

While still in Nevada you can enjoy time out at the Xhale Lounge. Xhale Lounge is a hookah bar, you can go and hang out with a group of people and smoke the hookah and enjoy an alcoholic beverage. They have many flavors and and plenty of room with little to no lines waiting for a table or fresh drink. If you dont want to smoke hookah you can check out their nightclub. They have a live DJ and huge dance floor. Get out and bust a move.

The Hard Rock Cafe is a great place to start the night. They have many different drink and food specials that will start a night out on the right note…. no pun intended. The walls are filled with great music history to keep the eyes and conversation busy.



If your looking for a boys night out there are a few options in both Stateline and South Lake to hit up the adult entertainment. There about 5 different places to check out.

When you jump across the Nevada California state line the party doesn’t stop. There are plenty of bars and pubs you can hop to but these will all close down at 2 am. ¬†They might not be all close like they are in Stateline but if you have a driver or a cab try out the different types and themed bars South Lake has to offer.