Photo of the year

Photo of the year

I gravitated to this photo because it captures a lot of emotion and feelings. When I look at this photo I feel cold, sore, and tired. The action of the subjects in the photo create feelings. Visually the horizon line of the image is pleasing to the eye with the smoke stacks and the smoke. the symmetrical pillars create lines in the sky.  The capture of the smoke/ breath of the man in front helps put feelings into the image. The colors in the image also help create the feelings of the image. If there was a bright color, I would assume the feeling of the image would bring hope, but without any bright colors the image is on the depressing side.  The textures in the image different throughout the image. The foreground of the man and the fur on the cart are wrinkled and stiff. As the eye moves through the image things get softer where hard work takes place, in the factory. The soft clouds on top of the hard factory gives irony.


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